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Bungalow No.6Prempeh II Street,GIMPA

Head Office 0302 418 957

Any member shall cease to be a member upon the happening of any one of following events:

  • Resignation by not less than one (1) month’s notice in writing to the Board of Governors.
  • Cessations of eligibility in terms of clause 6.2.l any member ceasing to be eligible under the said clause 6.2.1 shall forthwith notify the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may at anytime by reasonable written notice to any member require such member forthwith to supply it with such information and particulars as it may reasonably require in order to determine whether such a member eligible for membership.
  • Non payment of any moneys due to the association requiring payment thereof, and the resolve of the Board of Governors to terminate the membership as a result of such non-payment.
  • The Board of Governors can on reasonable grounds decide that a member’s continued membership is not in the association’s interest or is undesirable and the member shall consequently cease to be a member of the Association.
  • The Annual General Meeting may by resolution passed by simple majority of the members present and voting, for which due notice has been given, remove from membership of the association any member who is in breach of provision of this regulation of any rule or by-laws made there under or where continued membership of the association, in the opinion of the Annual General Meeting, is not in the interest of the Association and its members in general. Such member shall however be given the opportunity to appear before the Annual General Meeting, before any resolution is passed to answer any allegations made against him or her and after an explanation of his or her conduct.
  • Any member who, for any cause what so ever, ceases to be a member shall pay to the association all moneys due to the association at the time of cessation or which may become payable to the association by virtue of any liability which such member may have under the Regulation, notwithstanding the cessation of membership.
  • Any member who ceases to be a member shall immediately discontinue the use of any facility or device of the Association or any printed material or document containing any indication of membership of the Association and shall forwith return to the Board of Governors any property of the association then in its possession or control.
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